About me

I am a sixteen year old aspiring artist living in Connecticut.  I've loved art since I was young, and enjoyed art class throughout my years of schooling.  I started doing a significant amount of art in my free time during the spring of my freshman year  - mostly consisting of realistic pencil drawings of characters from TV shows - and made an instagram account (@lucy.sj).  I began to do more oil paintings in the summer, and have found that it is one of my favorite mediums to work with.  I thoroughly enjoy taking art classes at my high school, which have pushed me to explore new mediums, ideas, and methods of creation.  Overall, I am so grateful to have the tools and support needed to continue creating art.  I have been incessantly inspired by a multitude of amazing artists whose work I have come across.  I am constantly exploring new types and styles of art, and my current goal is simply to create and love what I create.

many of the images I use as references are ones that I find on the internet - they don't belong to me!